The Happy Rant - Signature Blend

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All orders will be processed and shipped starting 11/30/2017. We are traveling to buy green coffee from our importer.


The Happy Rant Blend:

The blend has body, hints of fruity, wine-like acidity, floral/citrus notes, and classic flavor and aroma-- the result of blending the best coffee beans from Africa and South America.  

In other words: "bold, beautiful, and daring, just like Big T's hair."-- Connor Shelton

Whole Bean 

NET WT. 12 ounces



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    Happy Rant

    Posted by Laura Tyler on Jun 15th 2017

    We are really enjoying this blend - my husband is a coffee snob AND a pastor (two essential qualities to a real connoisseur) - and he gives it his stamp of approval! Muy delicioso.

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    Happy Rant

    Posted by Crystal Medrano on Jun 8th 2017

    From the moment it arrived at the door, the wonderful aroma had us hooked. The smooth flavor and hints of fruit are the perfect start to the morning.
    It's worth waiting the extra few days for shipping.

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    Happy Rant Signature Blend

    Posted by Jon on Apr 27th 2017

    Hector, this coffee is amazing.

    My review is as follows...

    I'm a web developer. If you don't know much about us, we drink a lot of
    coffee. That's akin to saying that fish spend time swimming.

    Truth in conversation, I'm a fan of dark roast and avoid light roast
    coffees. Living in MN, I have access to Starbucks, Caribou, Dunn
    Brothers, Peace, and half a million little hipster self roasters. My
    favorites in order are Caribou's Obsidian, any dark roasted Kona, and
    Dunn Brother's dark roasted Costa Rica. Anything after these is just
    coffee, some better that others.

    This coffee easily beats my top three. It's strong and assertive without
    being acidic. It's simple enough to be straightforward but complex
    enough to be interesting, without being pretentious. It's smokey enough
    to give you hints of a fine tobacco or leather but doesn't taste like
    you spent two hours in a cigar shop. It's earthy without tasting dirty
    (like some origin coffees can) and light enough to be refreshing without
    being tart (as some overly citric coffees can be -- think Caribou's
    Kenya AA). To me, the overwhelming note is Dark Cocoa (*not* chocolate).
    Perfectly bitter and balanced.

    I knew it would be good, but was not prepared for how good it ended up
    being. In the end, this coffee is my new standard for how coffee ought
    to taste.

    Great Job Hector! I'll be ordering more.